Nottingham internship opportunities available – interior design and architectural design

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Nottingham internship opportunities guaranteed to boost your career prospects! Nottingham internship Architectural Assistant required immediately to join a small but fast growing highly specialist Commercial Property Practice at our Head Office in Nottingham. We are a young and dynamic company and are looking to provide a student with an active internship in Nottingham. On joining you will be working within the discipline of architectural design or Interior design and planning on one of three distinct projects. Each Nottingham internship project will give you real experience of a commercial project which you will be able to use as a case study and reference for your future career. Please note, this is an active internship and you will be working on LIVE projects which will provide you with superb real life reference…
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Make work your play, and you’ll never ‘work’ another day

Business Advice, Personal Development
"Make work your play, and you'll never 'work' another day" Hi-  If you don't know me my name is David Ajose. Prior to my  current role I spend many years in recruitment. During this time I coined the phrase above when coaching employees who were struggling with the idea that their work could be a pleasure. Simply put, your work can become fun if you choose it to be so and you can do this by cultivating an attitude of play. You should memorize the simple rhyme "make work your play and you'll never work another day"  it will help you  the think  about your work in a different way in order to add fresh motivation and impetus to your activities and ultimately lead to greater pleasure and success at…
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