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Enhancing Our Workspace with Solar Power

As many of our Castle Gate clients know, we've recently installed solar panels on our building. This exciting update helps us become more environmentally friendly. Let's talk about it! Enhancing Your Environment Solar panels are great for a greener office. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, making our workspace cleaner and healthier. They also use very little water compared to traditional power plants, helping us conserve this precious resource. Plus, they help us rely less on fossil fuels, which is a big step towards sustainability. How they'll improve us socially... Solar panels give us energy independence and peace of mind knowing we can all work guilt-free of our environment and usages. Our office can generate its own electricity, meaning we are't relying on the main power grid, which…
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Transform Your Office: The Power of Plants

Ever wondered why more companies are adding greenery to their workspaces? It's not just a trend; it's a simple yet extremely effective elevation. Let’s dive into the wonderful benefits of having plants in the office. If you choose real plants, they are amazing at purifying the air. They absorb toxins and release fresh oxygen, making the office air cleaner and healthier. This means less sick days and more vibrant, energetic employees. Who wouldn’t want that?  Moreover, all plants have a magical way of reducing stress. Just having a few green friends around can make the office feel more serene and less hectic. Studies have shown that looking at plants can lower blood pressure and make people feel more relaxed. So, if you’re feeling the mid-week blues, a touch of greenery…
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The Rise of Hybrid Working in England: Why Companies Are Making the Shift

The Rise of Hybrid Working in England: Why Companies Are Making the Shift The way we work has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past few years. One of the most significant changes is the rise in popularity of hybrid working in England. But what exactly is hybrid working, and why are so many companies embracing it? Let’s dive in! What is Hybrid Working? Hybrid working is a flexible work model that combines remote work with time spent in the office. Employees split their workweek between working from home (or any other remote location) and working at the company’s office. This approach aims to offer the best of both worlds: the flexibility and comfort of remote work and the collaborative, social aspects of office life. The Reasons Why is Hybrid…
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Meet Ben from ‘We Are Marketable’: His Path from Marketing Beginner to Business Owner

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Click here to view PDF Why Ben chose our Fletcher Gate Business Centre... ''I chose this office in particular because it is light, bright and located next to two great bars in Hockley, Nottingham. I specifically chose the flexible/ serviced option for my office as it's more convinient and less of a hassle. If there is an issue or problem, I can just ring up the facilities team at Exeid and they'll quickly come over to fix it without me having to worry about a thing''
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The Rise in Popularity of Serviced & Flexible Office Spaces in England

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In recent years, the office landscape in England has changed dramatically. More and more companies, from small startups to large enterprises, are choosing serviced and flexible office spaces. But what's behind this trend, and why are these office spaces becoming the top choice for so many businesses? One of the biggest reasons is flexibility. Traditional office leases often require long-term commitments and large upfront costs, which can be a burden for companies, especially those that are just starting out or experiencing rapid growth. Serviced offices, however, offer the freedom to easily scale up or down as needed. This flexibility is crucial for businesses that need to adapt quickly to changing market conditions without being tied down by rigid lease agreements. Convenience and cost-effectiveness are also major draws. Serviced office spaces…
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Looking For Digital Design and Web Services? RnR Design will have you covered.

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Situated in Stratford-upon-Avon, RNR Design specialises in graphic design and web development.  As the company's founder, Richard Peirce has 20 years experience as a graphic designer, 11 years experience in web development, 5 years Agency experience and 3 years UX/UI and CRO experience. Having over 40 clients who have been delighted with his work and countless projects under his belt, it's more than safe to say his expertise is rich. How did the company start? I launched my company after quitting a 9-5 job and having just become a father for the first time. I wanted the flexibility of working for myself and being there for my young family! I was 40 years old, and had worked at many jobs, but always wanted to run my own business, to grow…
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iSTORM Solutions – A Conversation with Richard Merrygold

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Tell us a bit about your background in your chosen industry? We are an award winning consultancy and support services provider. We specialise in helping organisations who are dealing with a wide range of data privacy and security related challenges. We use our experience to advise organisations on creating real world, pragmatic strategies to deal with a wide range of information security and data protection risk and compliance related challenges. How did the company start? The company started in the middle of 2018 by Richard Merrygold & James Pearson. Richard and James have been best friends for nearly 20 years and both have extensive backgrounds in data privacy, information security and compliance. Having both become disillusioned with the way the industry was heading, they decided to start their own company with…
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A Big Welcome to the Exeid Family, The German Academy!

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First and foremost, we would like to extend a warm welcome to The German Academy! To gain insight into the company, we were able to get an interview with one of the founders, Marianne Siegfried-Brookes. Tell us a bit about your background in your chosen industry? As a trained primary and secondary school teacher, I have always been passionate about education and learning. I became Head of Sport at a Swiss secondary school early on in my career, which sparked my passion for management in education. Moving to the UK in 2004, besides teaching German at different schools, I founded a German Saturday School in Leicester to help my own children learn the language. Several other language establishments followed, later forming The German Academy. In addition to my managing director…
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Saving Your Money with Snoop: An Exclusive Interview with the CCO – Scott Mowbray

In June 2019 we established an agreement with the new and exciting start-up: Snoop! We spoke to co-founder & CCO, Scott Mowbray, to find out more about Snoop’s plans to help consumers find ways to spend, save and live smarter using universally accessible technology. Tell us a bit about your background in your chosen industry? We’re a team that’s worked together for over 20 years, building game-changing businesses (Virgin Money and the Virgin One account) that deliver real value to consumers. We’re currently assembling a core team - balancing financial, marketing and operations experience, with extensive digital development and technology skills to build, launch and scale Snoop. "Did you know that consumers lose £12 billion every year by being loyal to big business?" How did your company start? With a…
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