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Have you ever been in an escape room? Neither had we but a brand new business, specialising in escape rooms recently moved into one of our buildings on Castle Gate.

After checking out the website we were all instantly intrigued especially after reading this on Escapologics about page – ”This is more than just escapology. This is Escapologic. Multiple rooms, completely immersive set design, fiendish mysteries and authentic atmosphere combine to create the most realistic locked room escape challenge in the country. Designed to thrill, each game is spectacularly imagined down to the last detail. Look closely. Everything is important.”

As soon as we realisied what an escape room actually was we were literally begging Simon Stokes, from Escapologic, to let us have a go!

If you haven’t been here before make sure to keep an eye out for these symbols which will lead you to the entrance.

20151217_115700 20151217_115716           You will be able to instantly recognize Escapologic by the clock logos! 20151217_115620We made sure to arrive early for our first challenge as we were very excited! When we arrived we rang the bell (and even that had its own uniqueness) and were led down into the basement waiting area to wait our turn. Whilst waiting your eyes start to wander taking in all the sights and immediately you notice all the clocks on the back of the wall and start to wonder what you have gotten yourself into!       lg-site-logo We were led to the Crypt-ic room and were given instructions and then the fun began! I can honestly say that I get freaked out over any type of horror movie so I was fully prepared to be the only one that would have a major panic attack and run screaming for the hills, that is if I ever got out! As we went through each challenge you could feel the intensity in the air growing ever thicker as time was running out.   It was one of the best experiences yet as it was enough to get the adrenaline pumping but not too much to kill you from sheer terror! 12322547_996679887057235_2634939253428872517_o            

We did not manage to complete the Cryp-tic challenge but decided to go back on Sunday 13th Dec 2015 to try our luck again in the Con.trap.tion room and again on Sat 19th Dec 2015 for the E.P.I centre are really happy to say that we beat the clock this time for both rooms! We will be back to defeat the Cryp-tic room one day though!

12391069_993923120666245_7831951976222552279_n             Feel free to contact Escapologic on 0115 837 4840 or you can book online!

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