Saving Your Money with Snoop: An Exclusive Interview with the CCO – Scott Mowbray

In June 2019 we established an agreement with the new and exciting start-up: Snoop! We spoke to co-founder & CCO, Scott Mowbray, to find out more about Snoop’s plans to help consumers find ways to spend, save and live smarter using universally accessible technology. Tell us a bit about your background in your chosen industry? We’re a team that’s worked together for over 20 years, building game-changing businesses (Virgin Money and the Virgin One account) that deliver real value to consumers. We’re currently assembling a core team - balancing financial, marketing and operations experience, with extensive digital development and technology skills to build, launch and scale Snoop. "Did you know that consumers lose £12 billion every year by being loyal to big business?" How did your company start? With a…
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