Nottingham University Ingenuity Event – Predicting the Future of Technology and business?

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Future Gazing & Future Shaping – 30th Sept 2014 Nobody can predict the future. However, by studying the latest technology developments, social trends, and data on resource availability, it is possible to predict a range of possible futures. In turn this can allow individuals and organizations to anticipate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and to take actions to shape the future they most desire. In this breakfast event, futurist Christopher Barnatt returns to explore the application of future studies as a business tool. In particular he will focus on the business impact of increasing resource scarcity, rising localization, re-distributed manufacturing, and associated new technologies. Many large organizations are now starting to open up their planning horizons, and are increasingly working with futurists when determining their strategies. Smaller businesses should similarly no longer ignore the longer-term, and Chris will show…
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