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Nottingham Tram Extension Leaves Beeston’s Commercial Retailers in the Lurch.

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You cannot argue that progression in Nottingham’s public transport isn’t a welcome extension. There will be two new tramlines expected to be operational by 2014 – one running to Clifton and the other to Chliwell, two areas that are deserving of such development. Could it be argued that the ends justify the means? Research shows that more than a few people are being trodden on, along the way.
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A Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) has been issued to retailers in Beeston, meaning they have to evacuate their buildings and relocate. A CPO is a legal function in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland that allows certain bodies, which need to obtain land or property – Nottingham City Council in this case – to do so without the consent of the owner. It may be enforced if a proposed development is considered for public betterment (like the new Tram Routes!) Compulsory notice orders are to be served asking a number of Beeston retailers to vacate their properties by 16 January, which is causing immense concern – it’s simply not enough time. Imagine you own a business (maybe you already do!), and everything is set up specifically for your location. Telecoms, client database, mailing services etc. You have been given 2 weeks to completely up sticks and relocate – aswell as continue to run your business, daily. Not even Superman could pull it off without losing business – it can take weeks to relocate a business successfully, and thats when you’ve had more than a fortnight to plan ahead.
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So what regulations are in place to protect and ‘cushion the fall’ of those who are forcibly removed from their homes or places of business? Those under the CPO have the right to appeal to the High Court about their decision, but most past cases were ruled in the favour of the Governmental Body making the Compulsory Purchase. There is also no doubt that, in some cases,  appealing to the High Court is simply impractical – if residents cannot afford the astronomical legal fees, for example. Part of the compensation offerend to those under CPO is reimbursement for legal action, however, to be reimbursed for money spent, you need to have the funds available to you in the first place! It seems impossible to imagine small, independent retailers in Beeston, or Mr and Mrs Joe Bloggs, stumping up the money in time to appeal. Dan Walker, from Beeston Business Improvement District, said retailers needed certainty to move. “You cannot sign on another property until you get a legal notice, if you did go and the programme slipped, or the scheme did not happen, there is every risk that you could either lose out on compensation or suffer serious financial loss.” He concluded “Fourteen days is not enough time for a retail business to find, acquire, secure and fit out a property,” It looks like Beeston Retailers have a stressful and upsetting Christmas ahead of them, frantically searching for properties to re-locate to, from Property Agents that are likely to be closed for the holidays – but what other option do they have?
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In response to the claims that the CPOs were issued on unfair terms, Mr Tough, the Nottingham Express Transit project officer, said businesses had been formally notified after the 2007 public inquiry. “The compulsory notice order is another in a sequence of letters,” he said. “We wrote to people a number of weeks ago to advise on the likely time scales for the properties being required. “We’ve agreed to pay compensation and we’ve helped people move all before the 14 day notice was issued,” he said. The compulsory notice order letters are being sent out this week, the city council said. Our sources can confirm, however, that even though they were made aware that a CPO may affect them, they still, to this date, have not been told how much they will be paid for their land, and how much compensation they are entitled to. This begs the question: How can one plan for re-location without knowing how much financial compensation they will be offered? As the trend dictates, it is unlikely to be as much as the original property is independently valued at. Are the underdogs being undersold? Exeid.com, the Commerical Property Consultants, are offering their relocation services for free to anyone affected by these CPOs. If you have been impacted by a CPO you can contact them HERE. So where does this leave Beeston retailers? It seems, in the lurch. They are almost in a state of limbo, knowing they have two weeks to vacate their current property, and yet are still unaware of how much they money they will have access to, to purchase new locations. It is easy to get caught up in the joy of new tram routes and improved public transport, without considering the steps that has to be taken for its completion. Let us know what you think! You can leave a comment in the reply box below, or contact us HERE
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