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Exeid.com, the rapidly expanding Midlands Real Estate Asset Management Company, confound the pundits and defy market sentiment by posting capital gains of £540,000 in 9 months, on their latest property deal. David Ajose, CEO, said: “This is a fantastic result that represents a 37% uplift in asset value and over 100% return on cash invested. We aim to ‘Exeid’ our investor’s expectations – and on this occasion, that’s an understatement”
Brian Wilson, Funding Private Equity Partnership
Brian Wilson, of the Funding Private Equity Partnership, commented: “This was our first investment under the guidance of Exeid Asset Management and, I have to say, we have been delighted with the results. David and his team have applied their unique system to a traditional market and turned it on its head. Not only have they created an outstanding capital gain, but the building is providing an income yield of an estimated 20%. David’s team sourced the deal and negotiated the purchase before filling the vacant space, producing great income from superb covenant tenants. We are thrilled to have just secured our second purchase, with Exeid”. David Ajose founded Exeid.com with business partner, and Managing Director, Richard Priestley, in 2010. David explained that his vision is to help investors and business owners generate a real return on their money and ultimately, financial freedom. David said: “The current economic climate has created an unprecedented opportunity for those who invest in our method to generate spectacular returns. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity for those who would like to enter the commercial property market and benefit from real estate arbitrage situations that exist throughout the UK at the present time” . David went on to explain that, whilst many of his clients are already sophisticated commercial property investors, he particularly enjoys guiding those who are new to commercial property investments through the process: “Education is the key. I believe in providing information in a clear, simple format that demystifies the market for novice commercial property investors.  This knowledge then provides a platform of confidence, on which an investor can build their income. As a result, they can create capital growth.”
St Nicholas' Court Nottingham - making an estimated 20% profit, despite economic down-turn.
Unlike many property professionals, David has learnt his craft by building his own portfolio from a standing start, risking his own money. David explains, rather philosophically: “An interesting analogy for the current economic situation is that of a forest fire in a jungle. Prior to the fire, any new growth would not have much chance of thriving, due to being over-come by well established trees. These well established trees effectively act like a cartel, controlling and absorbing the sunlight in the canopy before it can filter down to the ground. Seedlings are therefore prevented from taking root and growing, due to strangulation from larger competition.  However, following a forest fire, sunlight can reach the floor of the forest once more, providing opportunities for seedlings to germinate and grow.” David suggests that Exeid are taking advantage of the commercial property ‘forest fire’, expanding dramatically as a result. To find out more about Exeid’s services, or make contact with David, you can email HERE.  

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