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Stanford House is one of Nottingham’s finest Georgian Mansions in the heart of the city and was built with a wonderful grand entrance hall accessed via the main entrance of Castle Gate. David Ajose, CEO of Exeid.com the boutique commercial property consultancy realised that this internal space of 11 metres by 4 metres was going to need some additional lighting throughout the day but he already had concerns over the traditional lights used.  We caught up with David  to find out how he resolved these issues. David said  “We wanted to illuminate the space in bright fresh way and we preferred up lighters in order to highlight the wonderful ceiling plasterwork and superb simplified Corinthian columns in this grand space.” “We already used up lighters in the meeting rooms of our other serviced offices but we had real issues with the amount of energy that the lights were using. We realised that the 300w up lighters that we had been using were relatively cheap to purchase at around £15 each but they generated a significant amount of heat and used a huge amount of energy”. David went on to explain how he thought of the idea of LED lights. “I had an LED wind up lantern at home and I realised that LEDs were far more efficient and generated much less heat than the equivalent halogen light. With this in mind I set out to find a supplier who could supply LED Up lighters off the shelf but I was unable to find any products even after several hours searching on the internet and contacting lighting wholesalers. I then decided to design my own and approached local LED lighting company LED in Light who specialise in commercial LED solutions. Eva Ottosson MD of LED in LIGHT was immediately helpful. “When David arrived in his Smart car I knew that his commitment to saving energy was more than window dressing. David explained that he was looking to reduce carbon emissions and energy use in his serviced office business but he did not want to compromise on the quality of the light in the hallway of Stanford House which is such a fantastic building.  We quickly produced the lights that he required and they are now under live test in Stanford House. We have reduced the energy consumption from 4118kwh per annum to 314kwh per annum. That is a massive 92% saving in the annual energy consumption.  When asked about the financials David said “In financial terms that is a reduction from £500 per year to c£40 of electricity spend on the four lamps. At £115 each the lights have a 100% payback in just 12 months! Thereafter they are generating a saving of £450 per year over conventional Halogen up lighters. That is effectively putting £450 per year onto our bottom line and that’s just in one room.  So from a financial return point of view it really is a no brainer. In addition the LED lights produce light outside the range of the visible spectrum. This non visible light it helps to inhibit the production of Melatonin from  our Pineal Gland and thus helps to produce feelings of wellbeing and happiness  (commonly associated with spring and summer (and depending on your viewpoint it is also alleged to improve ones libido!). The lights are healthier for people who work indoors for most of the day and if you employ staff you’ll really notice the difference in both the behaviour and performance of your staff, particularly in winter under LED full spectrum lighting conditions.  We are looking to go into small scale production in partnership with LED In Light and if you have any interest or would like more information please contact  David  by email: click here to send.

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