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David Cameron confirms Exeid’s Economic forcast

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It seems that David Cameron has been reading the Exeid Blog as he announced this week that Britain is back on track, declaring the end of the recession. (It would have been polite of him to reference us in his speech though!)  You may remember that we reported this   at the beginning of September and our report was quickly confirmed by Mervin King and Gerard Lyons.  We even cited the exact date and time   and no doubt future economic historians will refer to this.  Within days.the Independent newspaper followed and concurred and now this week the BBC and many other Media groups including the Daily Mail, Guardian and the Times have all finally jumped on the band wagon.    If you’d like t read the earlier report  then Click here to jump to the posts 1 Mervyn King  and  2 Original Report on the end of recession keep an eye on our blog for future economic predictions and  remember “Exeid takes the lead”

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